piątek, 22 marca 2013

WarZ - 2013 HACK v.1

UPDATED  15/04/2013

With this newest WarZ hack you can play this zombie-survivor game with more fun!

Hack features:

No Spread and No Recoil
Headshot Aim for Super Fast Kills
Kill Players From 500 Meters Out
Adjustable L/R and U/D Field of View
Fast Finder: See All Players Anywhere
Adjustable Distance Limit for Players
Visibility Checks: Know When to Fire
Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard

Glowing Chams: Make Zombies glow red and items glow green
Turn Night to Day (Adjust Any Server to Make Night Time Turn to Day)
SupermanView: Increase View Height to See the Entire World
Friend Ignore: Make the Aimbot ignore your clan friends
Enemy Previewer: See What Weapon Other Players Hold.
Reputation Preview: See if another player is a bandit or lawman
Color of player text and box depends on their reputation.
Mega Bandit = Purple
Bandit = Red
Neutral = Blue
Lawman = Yellow

Player ESP
Zombie ESP
Distance ESP
Player 2D Box ESP
Zombie 2D Box ESP
Render Distance
Adjust Distance ESP
Adjust Fade ESP

Unlimited Stamina (Sprint)
Unlimited Breath (Sniper)


  • Download the file and open it
  • Check / Uncheck features which you want
  • Run the gane
  • Press "~" on your keybard to enable cheat in game


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