sobota, 23 marca 2013

GTA V Key generator Beta [100% working]

GTA V  Key generator Beta [100% working]

UPDATED  14/04/2013

You can download here 100% working keygen, which allows you to generate serial key for GTA V
    1. Download the file from the link below
    2. Open it
    3. Press „Generate” button
    4. Enjoy the best key generator ror GTA V ever!



piątek, 22 marca 2013

WarZ - 2013 HACK v.1

UPDATED  15/04/2013

With this newest WarZ hack you can play this zombie-survivor game with more fun!

Hack features:

No Spread and No Recoil
Headshot Aim for Super Fast Kills
Kill Players From 500 Meters Out
Adjustable L/R and U/D Field of View
Fast Finder: See All Players Anywhere
Adjustable Distance Limit for Players
Visibility Checks: Know When to Fire
Custom Aim Key: You Mouse or Keyboard

Glowing Chams: Make Zombies glow red and items glow green
Turn Night to Day (Adjust Any Server to Make Night Time Turn to Day)
SupermanView: Increase View Height to See the Entire World
Friend Ignore: Make the Aimbot ignore your clan friends
Enemy Previewer: See What Weapon Other Players Hold.
Reputation Preview: See if another player is a bandit or lawman
Color of player text and box depends on their reputation.
Mega Bandit = Purple
Bandit = Red
Neutral = Blue
Lawman = Yellow

Player ESP
Zombie ESP
Distance ESP
Player 2D Box ESP
Zombie 2D Box ESP
Render Distance
Adjust Distance ESP
Adjust Fade ESP

Unlimited Stamina (Sprint)
Unlimited Breath (Sniper)


  • Download the file and open it
  • Check / Uncheck features which you want
  • Run the gane
  • Press "~" on your keybard to enable cheat in game


Devil May Cry 5 CD Keygen v.1.1.0 [PC,PS3,XBOX360]

Do you want to play DmC 5 totally for free? If yes, you’re in a good place!

Here  you can download our second(v.1.1.0) version of CD Key Generator for Devil May Cry.
Generated codes are working with PC, PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360!

  1. Download the file from link below
  2. Unpack it using WinRar or 7zip
  3. Open .exe file
  4. Press „Generate” button
  5. Copy generated key and write it on Devil May Cry 5 activation window
  6. Enjoy full game for free!

New update with new keys: Tommorow at 12:00 UTC time.


Minecraft Gift Code Generator 2013

This Minecraft Gift Code Generator will allow you to generate unlimited Minecraft Gift Codes.

Minecraft Gift Code Generator Features:
- Unlimited Minecraft Gift Codes
- NEW 2013 GUI (Optional settings)
- Updates on automatically when opened

-Download the file
-Open the file and generate key
-Paste generated key on the Minecraft site.
-Enjoy premium account and play on only-premium servers and get a chance to change your skin!


Microsoft Office 2013 with Keygen! [FULL DOWNLOAD]

Do you need the newest home/office editors pack?
If  yes -you're in a good place!

Here you can download here keygen for:
  • Microsoft office Word 2013
  • Microsoft office PowerPoint 2013
  • Microsoft office Excel 2013
  • Microsoft office OneNote 2013
  • Microsoft office Outlook 2013
   In first pack there're keygens,
  in second pack there is a installer of MS OFFICE 2013.


INSTALLER [torrent]:                       

Battlefield Heroes Aimbot & Wallhack 2013 v1.4

Do you want to earn more EXP on every round, be the best and show it your friends or play for more fun? No problem, with this cheat you can do it!

- Dot Esp
- Visibly Checks
- Green Visible
- Red not visible

- Name Esp
- Distance Esp

-Aimbot (head, tail, foots)
-No reload
-Free emotes
-100 Funds for every 1 hour using the cheat! (can be spend only for clothes)


Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Multiplayer Mod 2013 v1.0[torrent]

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Multiplayer Mod 2013 v1.0[torrent]

Updated 30/04/2013

Do you want to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Online with friends and other people all the world? You’re in a good place.
Here you can download our ETS2 mod as a torrent with a lot of seeder.
Mod installer weight is:  320 MB.

ETS 2 Multiplayer Mod Features:
  • Fully working with all ETS2 patches
  • Geo Targetting (You can choose your country and play with players only with this country too)
  • Multi-Languages (English, Spanish, French, Polish, Brazillian, German,  Russian etc.)
  • Automatically updates
  • CB Radio addon (You can speak with other truckers -20km distance)
  • Totally for free!
  1. Download torrent file
  2. Open it in torrent download program (uTorrent etc)
  3. Install downloaded file (game path will be automatically detected).
  4. Run the Game and find „Multiplayer” in your garage
  5. Enjoy!


Crysis 3 Full + Keygen + Working Multiplayer [torrent]

Crysis 3 is a first-person shooter video game under development by Crytek, published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Inadvertently revealed by Electronic Arts in April 2012, the game is the third main installment of the Crysis series, and a sequel to the 2011 video game Crysis 2, and will run on the CryEngine 3 game engine.
In our version multiplayer is working, becasue we are using original codes download system. 

Full Game + keygen  .torrent file with a lot of seeders
  1. Press the download button below
  2. Complete the download action
  3. Save file on your hard drive
  4. Open file in torrent download program (uTorrent etc).
  5. Run Crysis 3 Installer
  6. Open the keygen and paste it into activation window
  7. Enjoy full working game for free!